Teen Maze

The purpose of the TEEN MAZE is to show the Troup County youth how the decisions they make now have long lasting effects on their lives and the lives of people around them. Consequences include pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, parenthood, DUI and texting.

There are approximately 40 stations in the maze. Dating experiences, pregnancy, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimesters, Baby Station, Childcare, Bank, Adoption Agency, STD Station, Drugstore, Alcohol, Drugs, Career Center, Graveyard and Graduation are only a few of the stations. Other stations include Mock Wreck, Drunk Driving, Mock ER, and Judicial Stations.

The ultimate goal of TEEN MAZE is to stimulate the teens to think about the potential consequences of their choices before acting. By doing this, the students have a better chance of reaching their ultimate goal in high school which is timely high school graduation.

TEEN MAZE is community-wide event incorporating youth, adults and parents, all working together to create healthy youth opportunities. Three to Four hundred volunteers are needed to assist with the 2014 event.

The student surveys reflect the teens wanting factual information to assist with making better choices. The mission of TEEN MAZE is to show positive behavior changes.

TEEN MAZE is designed to allow young people the opportunity to explore life-like situations and their consequences without real life permanency. Along the path, teenagers draw their fate out of a bag as professionals in their field of expertise present information to students.

Troup County Teen Maze