Boys & Girls Clubs – Go Healthy Initiative

Triple Play

Although many youth participate to some degree in sports and fitness activities, they are not always physically fit – and they often lack the basic knowledge they need to make positive food choices. Triple Play, developed in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, demonstrates how eating smart, keeping fit and forming positive relationships add up to a healthy lifestyle.

Through Triple Play, youth learn about good nutrition and how to make smart meal and snack choices. Members receive coaching in sports leagues and fun activities, developing their coordination and leadership skills. Organized social recreation activities strengthen character, increase confidence and enhance the ability to relate well to others.



The SMART Moves program was developed to assist youth in resisting alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and premature sexual activity and to overcome obstacles that impede their development in leading successful lives and achieving their goals.

Through the following age-appropriate modules, SMART Moves provides youth with the knowledge, skills and self-esteem to help them make healthy choices and practice responsible behaviors, which includes avoiding the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and postponing sexual activity.


Our Go Healthy initiative will bring together the best of two of Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s most effective healthy lifestyles programs—Triple Play, a comprehensive nutrition and fitness program, and SMART Moves, a nationally acclaimed comprehensive prevention program—and add a family outreach, education, and communication component.

By blending these programs together we will build a strong initiative that directly addressed a specific need in our community. This program will reinforce positive behavior for both members and their families and provide them with the motivation and the ability to implement changes in their daily choices that will lead them toward a healthier life.

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